FULL COVERAGE | LPGA Cognizant Founder Cup | Day Three

FULL COVERAGE | LPGA Cognizant Founder Cup | Day Three

Try Recycled Golf Balls

It is good idea to utilize used golf balls rather than buying new golf balls. If you do not trust using the used golf balls then you can go ahead and try the recycled gold balls. Trying out the recycled or used golf balls is truly a good idea.

Learn to Play Golf – The Easiest and Most Practical Way

Golf is believed to be one of the most popular and sophisticated sport that can be learned in regular practice. Endurance and patience are the characters that you need to possess in order to master this game; this is an outdoor sport that gives you an opportunity to have more friends and be exposed to a new environment. Learn to play golf by following a set of instructions and rules.

Use This Simple Golf Swing to Lower Your Handicap

The game of Golf has become much more popular the past few years. It’s a game that keeps the average golfers very humble. The quickest way to improve your love for the game is to learn a basic simple golf swing.

You Can Hit Your Driver Straight and Long

It’s often been said “Sure wish I could hit my driver like my irons!” Have you said that to yourself or golfing buddies? Read this article and you’ll find some simple tips to improve your tee shot.

Golf Kit – A Promotional Tool

Golf kit is revered as a corporate sport. Lot of organisations choose to gift these sport kits to few of their business associates. It is simply gaining a lot of significance as a corporate sport. Business entrepreneurs have resorted to online means to find good golf equipments.

How to Fix an Outside to Inside Golf Swing, Stop Slicing and Hit it Straight Every Time!

The most common golf swing fault among beginner and amateur golfers is undoubtedly the outside to inside golf swing. This is the reason why most golfers play with a slice or a left to right (right handers) flight path in their golf shots.

How to Buy Used Golf Carts From Reliable Source

Recent years have shown a steady rise in the purchase of golf cars. Earlier, most of the players used to rent them. But now the trend has changed.

Need Some Step by Step Golf Swing Instruction to Improve Your Golf Game?

Learning golf on a budget is never easy. One of my oldest and dearest friends proved this fact when he decided to teach himself how to golf because he felt that lessons were absolutely out of the question. Needless to say, his first day on the course was quite an eventful one.

Golf Equipment – Within Your Reach

You may have found it tedious to find the right equipment for a game of golf. To play your game at ease, you must have the right accessories. A golfer should not ignore his needs of buying a branded pair of clubs. He must possess a good kit of accessories to play his game confidently. Club, balls, gloves, shoes, bags, tees are available at your finger tips now.

10 Minutes a Day to Building Confidence in Golf

Confidence in golf comes from both a conscious and an unconscious perspective. This article is focusing on the unconscious perspective. Like anything in this world, those who have an unconscious confidence about a skill that they possess have achieved it through repetition.

How Can Golf Carts Help Your Golf Endurance?

My dad never likes to admit it, he is getting older and his body can’t do what it could when he was in his thirties. That being said, he’s definitely not the type who wants to slow down, especially on the golf course. Playing golf is something he’s done since he was a kid and he plans on doing it for the rest of his life.

How Do You Determine Which Golf Equipment to Buy?

When it comes to golf equipment, the sheer volume of choices can be quite overwhelming. There are different types of golf clubs and balls. There are tees, golf GPS unites, range finders, bags… The list is endless.

Can the Right Golf Tips Completely Change Your Golfing Experience?

It’s not always easy to seek out good golf tips. Some of us have a hard time admitting that we don’t already know everything there is to know about the game of golf. If you want to improve the way you play, however, and you want to achieve better results on the golf course then you have to reach a point where you swallow your pride and seek out the advice of those who may have golfing skills and techniques that are more advanced than yours.

Buying Tips – Golf Cart

Golf is becoming trendier nowadays. Likewise it is a dream of all the golf lovers to own a golf cart. While purchasing a golf cart, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Can Improving Golf Swing Mechanics Improve Your Golf Game?

My golf buddy was having a real hard time getting the golf balls to go exactly where he wanted them to on the golf course. It was becoming increasingly frustrating for him, and as he let the stress get to him it became increasingly frustrating for those of us who golfed with him. Golf is, after all, supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

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