MY NEW DRIVER?! PXG 0211 Driver Review

MY NEW DRIVER?! PXG 0211 Driver Review

Learning How Golf Fitness Can Improve Your Abilities

The golf swing of an individual is usually the most criticized part of anyone’s game whether they are being critiqued by friends, family or specialists. The drive on a golf course represents the beginning point of each hole and could usually set the tone for how that hole will proceed.

Maximizing Your Golf Swing by Finding New Opportunities

Anyone who is an avid golf player is looking for new chances to perfect their golfing capability. Few individuals struggle on the putting green, so they study lies and the roll of grass, others have problems driving the ball, either sending it in the wrong direction or not sending it far enough. Many people consult golf professionals like a swing trainer in an effort to improve their game but this is a bit not practical.

How to Hit a Lob Shot

The golf lob shot is a critical shot that can get you out of some tricky situations. The golf lob shot is typically used inside of 40 yards to get the golf ball up quickly and land with little roll.

Playing Golf in the Wind

The first thing you should check, from the tee or from the fairway, before you choose your club or your shot, is the wind. It changes everything. Once the ball is in the air it’s at the mercy of the swirling currents. By taking the right precautions, wind won’t hurt you at all.

Finding the Best Source to Drastically Improve Your Golf Swing

When you’re a fan of golf or find yourself golfing on a regular basis there are several elements which could impact your game. One of the major factors which play a critical role in the game of golf is found with a person’s golf swing.

Golf Fitness Revolutionizes Golf Swing Abilities

The game of golf is often considered as a game of leisure which is enjoyed by most for the purpose of entertainment. While there may be fact to that statement, anybody who plays golf on a regular basis is searching for an opportunity to improve their game.

Learning How to Cure a Slice

For left handed golfers a slice is always frustrating! At last there are specially written tips on how to correct a slice for left handed golfers.

Simple Left Handed Golf Tips

A very easy to implement guide for left handed golfers. The most important tips to improve your golf game are really very simple.

Do You Need a Golf GPS?

In the technological age that we live in there appears to be a gadget for everything. This article examines what a golf GPS system is so that you can decide if one is for you.

Guidelines For Correcting a Slice

This article identifies the causes of a golf slice and suggests solutions for correcting a slice. The information is aimed at left handed golfers.

PGA Championship Golf Tournament – The Big Letdown

The PGA Championship is normally my least favorite tournament of the 4 majors. The PGA seems to copy the US Open in it course selection.

Golf Ball Spin Science

Spin rates vary, but unless you hit the top half of the ball when striking it, all balls will initially spin of the club face with under spin. This actually creates lift on the ball to get it up higher in the air.

Slave to the Numbers Game

I often pick up ideas for my articles in a completely random way. I’d like to have you believe that they are all meticulously planned out, timed to hit this site at the optimum time and designed to follow a pattern, thus giving you the reader a routine to follow. Truth is, as I sit and write this, I have no real idea how it will turn out.

Have You Seen My Little Book of Golfing Excuses?

So, I seem to have your attention! As this article unfolds, remind yourself of that opening line because it will become more and more relevant as you read along. We all like to think we deserve to have good things happen to ourselves, get rewarded for our efforts and even, occasionally, hope others notice our skills and comment accordingly.

GPS For Golf Courses – Garmin Approach G5

All golfers want to have better scores than they are currently achieving, whether they are scoring in the 100’s or in the 60’s. Whilst improvements in golf club design have been spectacular golf scores have remained stubbornly unchanged for the average club golfer over the past fifty years. Is this about to change with the invention of GPS for golf courses?

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