Tour Edge Exotics C722 vs E722 Irons

Tour Edge Exotics C722 vs E722 Irons

Simple Rules for Making Golf Fun

There are a few rules that you should remember that will help your golf game. This article will discuss some of them.

Never Wear a Cut Off Shirt at a Country Club

If you are a beginner then you might not know where you can golf at. I go over the places that you will be able to golf at.

Golf Driving Tips – Exercises

Golfers sometimes forget that in order to execute a proper golf swing, the use of your whole body is required. By this logic it is clear that a golfer must exercise all muscle groups regularly. If any single grouping of muscles is neglected, your overall golf driving swing will suffer.

Making Your Kid a Junior Golfer

Getting kids into sports while they are young is a great way of making them enhance their talents and skills. As they grow, they learn a lot with regards to having a lot of patience, perseverance, and self-motivation. For parents who love to play golf, teaching their kids the sport of golf while they are young is a good idea.

Easiest Way to Control Your Bunker Shot Distances

Are you struggling to work out how to control your bunker shot distances? Why not learn a simple and easy technique that will have you consistently and accurately judging the distance you hit your sand shots?

Learn Techniques From Gold Magazines

I love magazines like many people and over a short space of time I’m surprised at how much knowledge I’ve picked since reading them. My husband loves golf and although I’ve always liked the idea of playing I never have done because I don’t know how to play.

Tips For Playing Golf

Like many people I love learning new sports. A few years ago I decided to learn golf, although it looked a great sport which is relaxing I did think it couldn’t be difficult because you’re just hitting a ball across a field. I was completely wrong so I’ve written the following email to inform anyone who has recently or who wants to start playing gold. This article will simply bullet point tips and advice for next time you play golf.

How to Take 5 Strokes Off of Your Score in 30 Days

Golf really is a great game, but it is also one of the most frustrating games that you will ever play in your life. Everyone wants to get better, and in this article I am going to tell you exactly what I did in order to improve my score. This is a pretty easy method, but it is going to take a little bit of “mirror practice” in order to get your desired results.

Costing Aspects Regarding Golfing Vacation Packages

Once upon a time traveling far and wide to play golf was only for those that either played the game professionally or those who worked in the golfing industry as a club pro. This is not the case anymore and there are golf vacation packages around that will suit any size of wallet and that includes yours. Another reason for this is that the US dollar can go further in many countries than it does in others due to the difference in foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

Reviews of Best Golf GPS Devices – Garmin Approach G3

All the basic features of the Garmin Approach G5 in a slightly smaller (though still as rugged) body and at a lower price point. Good stuff! Looks like the Callaway uPro has some competition for the title of best golf GPS device…

The Benefits of Junior Golf For Children and Teens

Golf is an elite activity out of the reach of many but for those families who can afford it and who are able to interest their children in taking the sport, it can instill confidence as they grow and improve. Learning early will avoid embarrassment later in life if they try to learn as an adult; the sight of their awkward and disjointed swings will invite a lot of ridicule among the more skilled.

Golfing Vacations – Your Passion and a Vacation – A Hole in One

Not may of us are lucky enough to combine our passion with a holiday that includes taking the family with us as well. Golfing vacations can do this. Read this article to find out why it is a no brainer and a definite hole in one.

The Golf Glove Alternative

As an avid golfer, I have always been looking for a way to achieve a better grip on the golf club without using a glove. Golf gloves have always been just another expense to an already expensive leisure. Not only are they expensive, but they’re not comfortable.

Why Book a Golfing Vacation?

Your playing well enough at your local course and seeing a steady progression in your handicap so why would you want to go on a vacation with one of the sole reasons to play golf? This article explains why people do exactly that.

How to Fix a Hook

Learning to fix a hook golf shot is not as complicated as you might think. The trick to overcoming this wacky shot is to first determine the cause. There are several reasons a ball may travel wildly to the left. Here are some tips for those who want to learn how to fix a hook once and for all.

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